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Go Nano nanosealer


"The Last Roof You'll Ever Need".

Is your roof still in good shape? Then now is the time to act. Applying Gonano to your roof can add 10-15 years of life and solidify a return on investment to your home.

Protect your roof from extreme weather with GoNano


Slows down your current shingles aging and restores your roof to its original appearance!


One Time Application of GoNano

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Cost effective - Don't replace, save your existing roof!


Made in North America for North American Roofs!


Immediately effective after 2 hours after application


Nanotechnology modifies the mechanical properties asphalt in the shingles

See the results

Before GoNano

Gonano home before
Gonano home before

After GoNano

Gonano home after
Gonano home after

Bend Roofing is Oregons Exclusive Gonano dealer! 

Storm Clouds

Instant results,
permanent protection.

Have GoNano applied on your roof in just one day and benefit from complete protection for the next 10 to 15 years.

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